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Lord Salisbury , whose relations with Northumberland were never cordial, deemed it prudent to commit the earl to the care of the archbishop of Canterbury at Croydon, 'there to be honourably used until things be more quiet.

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His arrest was only 'to satisfy the world that nothing be undone which belongs to policy of state when the whole monarchy was proscribed to dissolution. On 27 Nov. On 27 June he was tried in the court of Star-chamber for contempt and misprision of treason. It was stated that he had sought to become chief of the papists in England; that knowing Thomas Percy to be a recusant he had admitted him to be a gentleman pensioner without administering to him the oath of supremacy ; that after the discovery of the plot he had written to friends in the north about securing his own moneys, but gave no orders for Percy's apprehension.

He pleaded guilty to some of the facts set forth in the indictment, but indignantly repudiated the inferences placed upon them by his prosecutors. Northumberland emphatically protested to the king against the severity of this sentence, and his wife appealed to the queen , who had shown much kindly interest in him.

But the authorities were obdurate. Northumberland gathered about him in the Tower men of learning, to whom he paid salaries for assisting him in his studies. Thomas Harriot , Walter Warner, and Thomas Hughes, the mathematicians, were regular attendants and pensioners, and were known as the earl's 'three magi. He also saw something of his fellow-prisoner, Sir Walter Raleigh. A large library was placed in his cell, consisting mainly of Italian books on fortification, astrology, and medicine. But Tasso and Machiavelli were among them. For some years his second daughter, Lucy, was his companion in the Tower.

She formed a strong affection for James Hay, afterwards Earl of Carlisle, and resolved to marry him. Northumberland disliked Hay as a Scotsman and a favourite of the king, and declined to sanction the union. The marriage, however, took place in Thereupon Hay, in order, apparently, to overcome Northumberland's prejudice against him, made every effort to obtain his release. In this he at length proved successful. In James was induced to celebrate his birthday by setting Northumberland and other political prisoners at liberty.

The earl showed some compunction in accepting a favour which he attributed to Hay's agency. However, on 18 July, he was induced to leave the Tower after an imprisonment of nearly sixteen years. He was advised to recruit his health at Bath. Thither he travelled in a coach drawn by eight horses. The story is told that he insisted on this equipage in order to mark his sense of superiority to the king's favourite, Buckingham, who had lately travelled about the country in a coach-and-six.

But Hay was doubtless responsible for the demonstration. Bath worked a speedy cure, and Northumberland retired to his house at Petworth. He took no further part in public affairs, and died at Petworth on 5 Nov. His portrait was painted by Vandyck. By his wife, who died on 3 Aug. Thomas Wilson, State of England , Winwood, Memorials , ii.

The Wizard Earl of Kilkea Castle

Source: Measuring Worth 4. De Fonblanque, Annals of the House of Percy , ii. Source: Lee, Sidney.

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Vol XLIV. Sidney Lee, Ed. New York: Macmillan and Co. R, ed. The Royal Historical Society, Brenan, Gerald. A History of the House of Percy. Collins, Arthur. Gale ECCO, Reprint from De Fonblanque, E. Annals of the House of Percy.

Lomas, Richard. A Power in the Land: The Percys.

East Linton: Tuckwell Press, Ltd. Rose, Alexander. Phoenix Press, Web Links: Genealogy - ThePeerage. Earl of Suffolk William de Ufford, 2.

Ozzie Smith: a Tribute to the Wizard

Earl of Suffolk William Montacute, E. Earl of Pembroke John Hastings, 2. Warwick John Montacute, 3. Earl of March Roger Mortimer, 4. Duke of Kent Michael de la Pole, E. Suffolk Hugh de Stafford, 2. Nottingham John Mowbray, 2. Duke of Norfolk Thomas Fitzalan, 5. Salisbury Richard Beauchamp, E. Earl Rivers Anthony Woodville, 2.

The Wizard Earl and the Gunpowder plot | Society X

Duke Somerset Edmund Beaufort, 2. Duke Somerset Henry Beaufort, 3. Duke of Somerset Edmund Beaufort, 4. From what bird came the feather? The mind or imagination of man was likened to a bird in a metaphor standard to the great Renaissance humanists. The fulcrum is a sort of equals-sign; the length of the beam on either side can be compared to a numerical multiplier; the weights are the multiplicands.

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Yet he became a true Renaissance nobleman, a leading intellectual, alchemist, and cartographer. He was a great scholar and became the patron of the English astronomer Thomas Harriot, the first man to map the surface of the moon. He was also a central figure in what became known later as "The School of Night", with Marlowe prominent among its members.

He owned massive estates in southern England as well as the north - his main establishment being Petworth in Sussex. At his own expense he equipped several vessels and personally helped in the destruction of the Armada. But when it came to the management of the Castle and its estates, he made a crucial error. He appointed his distant cousin, Thomas, to manage his affairs in Alnwick.

Thomas abused his office, exploiting tenants and pocketing money. Worse was to come. In , he was revealed, along with Guy Fawkes, as one of the key gunpowder plotters. Joined Aug 18, Messages 19, Likes Points Good find :yeay:. The details and circumstances of Marlowe's death remained undiscovered until , though lurid and far-fetched accounts did start to appear in the late s. The details of the Inquisition clearly passed from the Queen's Coroner to the Queen herself and her Privy Council, so these details will have become known to a select circle within a few days.

How much became known to Marlowe's friends and associates in the world of the theatre and espionage, and in the so-called School of Night , is much more uncertain, though the fact of Marlowe's death was certainly known, for instance, to the dramatist George Peele, before the end of June Marlowe was involved as a secret service agent in the dark Elizabethan world of spying, double-dealing, disguise, plotting and political assassination.

His death, viewed in this light, would apparently make more sense. However, to accept this motive for his murder we have to make a plausible attempt at identifying both the real murderers or authors of the plot and the reasons why they wanted Marlowe out of the way.

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It is, of course, absolutely certain that there was secret service involvement in the plot, and this accounts for the group of extraordinary personalities that gathered together that day in Deptford. Only Frizer is not known to have had any specific secret service connections, but, of course, his master, Thomas Walsingham was a master spy in his own right, and Frizer would be there to do his master's bidding.

Rumours of atheism, heresy, and black magic that gathered around them indicate how the ignorant came to regard their insatiable quest for knowledge and debate. Marlowe, as a member, would have known their secrets, and had they had they had something to hide might have revealed it under torture. However, the idea of murdering Marlowe to protect themselves seems totally out of character, and would surely have never been accepted by this brave band of free-thinking pioneers.

Sir Walter De Riddlesford

Nevertheless the idea cannot be totally dismissed. Designs are by Simon Higlett.

Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland KG (1564-1632), 'The Wizard Earl'

The School of Night investigates the mystery surrounding Marlowe's sudden untimely death and his association with the leading political and literary figures of the 16th-century including Thomas Kyd, Sir Walter Ralegh and William Shakespeare. Perhaps the first Cambridge spy, he was recruited by Sir Francis Walsingham as a part-time secret service agent prior to beginning a glowing literary career.