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The 1 Corinthians passage is especially noteworthy since it was written to a church where carnality carried the day. We may infer from His answer that those with glorified bodies do not procreate. Thus, believers who will experience the rapture will not be able to have offspring.

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Limited access into the kingdom The Bible also teaches that unbelievers will not be allowed to enter the millennial kingdom. Only believers will initially populate the kingdom. Biblical support for this conclusion comes from several passages. After Christ returns to the earth and destroys the armies at Armageddon Jeremiah —33; Revelation , 18 , He will convene two judgments and destroy every unbeliever who has survived His tribulation wrath and His victory at Armageddon.

What will happen to our bodies at the Rapture?

At one judgment, Christ will gather together the house of Israel Ezekiel , and He will cause the people to pass under His rod of judgment Believers will return from the lands of the diaspora, will enter into the new covenant with Christ, and will be sanctified in the promised land , Every one that survives shall go up to Jerusalem annually to worship the King Zechariah This means that the first generation of millennial inhabitants will all be believers.

To save the human race alive Matthew , He is coming to punish in love. Otherwise, man would destroy all life upon the Earth! The Day of the Lord is the period when God directly intervenes in world affairs. Jesus Himself gave the chronology of events that would lead up to it. They simply asked Jesus about His Second Coming—understanding it to be a singular event. He acknowledged their question and went on to outline the signs to watch for—never once implying that there would be two phases to His return!

Jesus warned of false ministers, wars, famine, pestilences, earthquakes verses and the Great Tribulation verses 9, Notice what He prophesied would happen next. This is crystal clear! The account Jesus gave in Matthew 24 corroborates the time order: first the Tribulation, then the heavenly signs, followed by the Day of the Lord and the return of Christ verses See also Mark The book of Revelation pinpoints when this particular trumpet blast will occur in relation to other events.

The false ministers, wars, famine and pestilence that Jesus warned about in Matthew 24 are depicted as the first four seals of Revelation These are popularly known as the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The fifth seal verses is the Great Tribulation; the sixth seal verses is the heavenly signs. No trumpets sound during any of the first six seals. Only after the Great Tribulation and the heavenly signs do trumpets finally begin to sound—during the Day of the Lord, which is the seventh and last seal. Each plague is introduced with the sound of a trumpet. The seventh, or last, trumpet announces the return of Jesus Christ!

Revelation Clearly, the resurrection of the dead in Christ takes place when the last trumpet blows—at the return of Jesus Christ, not before. Right on the heels of that resurrection, true Christians who are alive at His return will instantaneously be changed from flesh-and-blood mortals into immortal spirit beings, and they will rise, along with those resurrected, to meet the returning Christ in the air!

However, the events John described a few verses later, in verse 18—including the dead receiving their reward at the seventh and final trumpet—could apply ONLY to the time of the resurrection. In Revelation 11, John is describing the same momentous event Paul did in 1 Corinthians 15 and Thessalonians 4: the resurrection of the saints to immortal life at the return of Christ!

The last trumpet is just that—the last trumpet! There can only be one last trumpet, and it will make a great sound Matthew that everyone will hear.

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Those who hold to the rapture theory believe, in effect, that there is a Second Coming followed by a third coming. The Bible does not in any way substantiate a third coming or a two-phased Second Coming.

God removes the Church so He can renew His program with Israel. Unless we keep these two programs separate we run into all kinds of conflicts and contradictions.

1 Corinthians 15.1-4 ✝ Romans 4.4-5

Hi Don, Yes, I agree that the church and Israel are two separate programs, I came to this conclusion after I had read all your articles which makes this abundantly clear. There has been a lot of speculation about the rapture occurring in the last few days as it has been the Feast of Trumpets and I was interested to hear your view.

Very kind of you to respond — much appreciated, thank you. Elaine, Thank you. The reason we have all the contrary views, denominations, churches, etc. Hello Don, I am busy reading the Parable of the fig tree again. In luke 21 verse 29 it says and all the other trees. Is this in reference to Israel being formed as a nation as well as all the other countries.

The parable also says this generation shall not pass away until all these things happen.

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What generation is this? The ones who saw Israel being formed or the ones that will see wars and rumours of wars. That which began on Pentecost will be completed on Pentecost at the closing of the Age of the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Greg, Thank you. Hi Don, Thank you again for all the great work on this site. I noticed several people were saying mid or post trib. I also had struggled with these things but one day I prayed for understanding and I found in 1Thessalonians Ch.

When the world is going thru awful things, It has to be pre-tribe. I agree with Don. Paul explicitly stated the Church is not appointed to wrath, i. Romans 5. Don, I agree totally with pre-trib but my sister is scared and believes in pre-wrath. I have tried to explain to her about Daniels 70th week, also the difference between church and Israel but nothing is working. Do you know of any verses that show the 70th week of Daniel as wrath?

I think it is nearly impossible to convince someone of this truth if they cannot see the 70 weeks relate to Israel. Jesus addressed Jews in Matthew 24, not Gentiles, not the Church. The context of all these verses regards Israel. Why would Jesus give His disciples prophesy about the Church when they knew nothing of it? This would have only confused them more.

If such evidence is insufficient, one can only pray.

What Is the Definition of Rapture in Christianity?

If your sister wants the truth, it will be given to her. We know according to Matthews gospel account, that after Jesus rose from the dead the third day, we have the bodies of many saints that also came out of their graves and appeared to many in the holy city. My questions are these: What happened to these saints after they appeared to those in the holy city?

And what kind of bodies do you think they had? Did they have bodies like resurrected Lazarus or bodies like resurrected Jesus? It seems as if they remained on earth, because they only appeared to others in the holy city. What is your take on this scriptural account? Curt, They had resurrection bodies and presumably went to heaven Hebrews 9.

They were part of the firstfruits of resurrection 1 Corinthians Doc Strongs defines the falling away as , defection or apostasy from something. How in the world do you come up with departure to heaven from these two words when Paul is clearly talking about the faith? Thank you so much for your teaching. My mind has been opened to understanding. I do have a question, however. Will Messianic Jews who believe Christ as their King go also in the rature? Are they also considered a part of the body of Christ?

Do they understand His blood as their redeption and forgiveness through His blood as the means of having been cleansed from sin? I can see how messianic Jewish believers may be ignorant of the blood of the Lamb consisting of their sin atonement. Is this the case?