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What are the essential things and patterns that were applied in the course of the game in viewing the world and the indigenous people? The time limit for drawing is 10 minutes.

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Note: The crews can find this checkpoint only if they ask the inhabitants of Tahiti for help and they will give them the directions this is how it was discovered. Look for them within 10 metres of here. You can only collect one package of supplies. To do so, you need a map of the marked territory. This will be a task for your map draughtsman. You can leave your map draughtsman here for the period necessary to complete the drawing.

Map Draughtsman You are a map draughtsman, who records previously unknown lands. Thanks to your knowledge, the expedition never gets lost and, even if it does, your maps always help them to find the right way again. On your travels you collect and document exotic plants that may have medicinal or other rare qualities and the discovery of which could be highly appreciated by the scientists.

Astronomer You are an astronomer and during the clear nights you browse the night sky full of stars, comets and meteorites. You can navigate even in the darkest nights, and so you always keep your expedition in the right direction. Scientific Secretary You are a scientific secretary, who is always at the right place at the right time to record all the information. Your task is to create a travel documents that will be very useful not just for your expedition, but also for the expeditions of other discoverers.

Captain You are the captain and thus the commander of the whole expedition, who must make decisions in the most difficult moments.

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The whole crew relies on you. Your main task is to successfully accomplish the mission and ensure safe return of the entire crew. James Cook In the second half of the 18th century, Britain was in control of about one-eighth of the known world. After the British drove the French from North America and India, they wanted to expand their influence to the unknown areas of the Pacific Ocean.

Within four years, they sent two expeditions to the Pacific, which were to discover new territories and conquer them. One of them was led by Captain Wallis and they discovered and named Tahiti. The second one, under the command of the brave and legendary Captain Sturm, spent long months sailing the ocean, without discovering anything significant.

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Europe was obsessed with the chase for new discoveries and new territories. Yet, little was still known about the Pacific. Both shipping routes to the Pacific, through the Strait of Magellan and around Cape Horn, were very demanding for the ships, and their crews.

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James Cook was able to overcome all the obstacles in his way mainly due to very detailed preparations. He was also an excellent navigator. He was the right man for greedy Britain, which was constantly looking for more and more colonies. Cook was able to create the much-needed maps of the unknown ocean in the southern hemisphere. For the British Empire, maps and accurate data about distances were as important as insanely brave and bold captains. He patiently endured hunger and thirst, cold and heat.

His spirit was of the same strength as his body; his ideas were of great brightness and his judgement of great certainty. His admirable sang-froid in perilous situations, infinitely good heart and sensibility complemented the image of his character. James Cook was a self-made man who devoted his entire life to the service to progress. He conquered thousands of islands, New Zealand, and Australia for the British crown and substantially expanded the British territory.

He was not searching for gold or trying to convert anyone to Christianity. He did not care about what others would do with his discoveries later. Geographical science owes him for discovering the Society Islands, for the proof that New Zealand consists of two islands, and for the discovery of the eastern part of New Holland Australia during his first journey. During his second journey he unravelled the truth about the existence of the so-called Southern mainland, discovered New Caledonia, Friendly Islands, Easter Island, Sandwich Islands, and many others.

In the spring of the British Admiralty issued a command to James Cook to sail to the Pacific and conduct astronomical observations. Thousands of islands in the vast Pacific Ocean have not yet been discovered and explored.

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Neither had the mysterious Southern continent, which, as Ptolemy assumed, might have been just a figment of imagination. Nevertheless, Alexander Dalrymple, a contemporary of Cook, included it in his map. In the midth century, there were many territories in the southern hemisphere which had not yet been explored. Tahiti Tahiti is surrounded by coral reefs that form secure and convenient harbours with enough space for a number of large ships. It is easily recognisable by its mountain rising in the middle of the island.

The coast has beautiful sandy beach, a large river supplies the island with plenty of healthy water. In the middle of the island you can see the mountains stretching over 20 miles. The soil is extremely fertile and rich, irrigated by many streams and covered by trees with dense foliage and very thick trunks. On the north side of the island we managed to find a suitable place for observing the passage of Venus, so we pitched our tents here and set up an observation station. The natives are impressed by our muskets and have repeatedly tried to steal them. On the second day they brought us on board coconuts and even two pigs. Men in Tahiti are mostly tall, with well-formed limbs.

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The anatomy of the women is similar to European women. Their hair is black, thick and strong; they have white teeth, pursed lips, a short nose, pleasant facial features, and graceful walk. Their houses are very well adapted to local climate. They are built in certain distance from each other and shaded by trees. In no other country one can make walks as beautiful as here. The flat landscape is covered with jackfruits and coconut palms, and between them are paths leading from one house to another.

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From domestic animals they like pigs. After founding your observation station, your astronomer can try to get as accurate observations of Venus on the map of the night sky as possible. The Dutch governor and the king of the island did not keep his promise to provide us some supplies for the same price, for which he sells to the Dutch East India Company. However, in the morning, about of natives appeared near the ship, armed with rifles and spears.

Besides, the officer in command spoke Portuguese, and I reckon he was Portuguese. He passed me the order of the king, or rather the Dutch representative, saying that we can only stay here today; he pretended that the natives were not willing to trade with us, because we wanted to get their provisions for free, etc. Regardless of the attitude of the Dutch representative, the natives finally managed to secretly hide the supplies, so that you can collect them. The sea and the bays offer excellent kinds of fish.

There is not much waterfowl and terrestrial birds, though. Neither are there any bigger animals, wild or domestic. However, the natives hunt whales, as they wear decorations made of whale teeth on their chests. If this land was to be colonised, the best place for a new settlement would be either by the river, which we call Thames, or in the gulf of the island.

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As I could study the mentality of the natives, I think foreigners should not have any problem to establish a settlement in this country. The local natives transport all their possessions in small carts, and they content themselves with any place, as long as it provides them enough nourishment.