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Lucy also never stops believing in Narnia and is full of courage because of her faith; and is thus more adventurous than her sister Susan. Lucy has a great desire to help others, which is symbolized by the healing cordial that was given to her by Father Christmas for others in need and only with sparing use. The lesson from Aslan on the battlefield in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is to use this power impartially and not dwell on the needs of those she loves most.

Lucy Pevensie was born in , the youngest of four children. She grew up in London with her parents, eldest brother Peter, sister Susan, and brother Edmund. In , the Blitz began, and Lucy and her siblings were evacuated from London for their safety, taking up a temporary residence in the country manor of an old man known as Professor Kirke.

The Butterfly Lion

The siblings discovered that due to magic, their fifteen years in Narnia had taken up no time at all in England, and they were again children in the Professor's house. They told only the professor of their adventure, and he in turn admitted that he, too, had been to Narnia. The children were slightly dismayed to be told that the wardrobe had sealed and would no longer carry them between the worlds, but were reassured that they would find another route into Narnia one day.

A year later, at the age of nine, Lucy set out for her first year at a girl's boarding school with Susan. While en route to school, all four children felt a peculiar tug, recognized as magic, and were within moments drawn back out of Earth. In England again, Lucy spent her first year at boarding school. While there, she made several friends. In summer of , she and Edmund were sent to stay with their Aunt and Uncle while their parents went away on a trip. Afterwards, Lucy grew up fairly normally, eventually becoming one of the self-titled Seven Friends of Narnia, those who had been to the world of Narnia by magic.

The figure did not speak, even when Peter demanded as High King that it do so. After the specter disappeared again, they all felt sure that something was dreadfully wrong in their beloved country, and they needed to find a way to get there on their own. Remembering the magic rings capable of carrying humans from world to world, the seven set up a plan to get young Jill and Eustace to Narnia.


While the rings were retrieved, Lucy and the others got on a train to take Eustace and Jill to school, intending to use the rings on the way. They never made it, as their train crashed on the way, killing all aboard. By all accounts, Lucy and the others died instantly as a result of the crash. The four-part reign lasted fifteen years, and was known as the Golden Age of Narnia.

Lucy grew up to become a sweet and beloved queen, dubbed 'Queen Lucy the Valiant' by her people. Not only a lovely lady and an accomplished queen, she was also a fierce warrior, known to ride into battle in times of need. She remained close friends with Mr. In , Narnia's ally of Archenland was under attack. Lucy rode with her brother King Edmund to wage battle for their defense, and helped to win the day.

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In NT, Mr. Tumnus brought the news that the magical White Stag had returned to Narnia. Lucy and her siblings set out on a hunt, in the course of which they got lost in the woods. Stumbling through the woods, they found themselves in England again, back on the other side of the magic wardrobe. Lucy was born in and is 8 years old when she appears in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. By The Last Battle , she is 17 years old. Lucy's siblings, Peter , Susan and Edmund , do not believe her about Narnia at first, but later they all find their way to Narnia.

There she meets Mr. Tumnus the Faun and, then later, the Beavers. However, her brother Edmund had also slipped into Narnia on the second occasion Lucy had entered, and encountered the White Witch while she was visiting Mr Tumnus. Edmund, who had already jeered at Lucy about her "magical" country, continued to be spiteful towards Lucy by denying that either of them had been in Narnia. When the children all enter Narnia, Edmund slips away from the house of the Beavers and defects to the White Witch. While traveling with Peter, Susan and Mr. Beaver to the Stone Table, they meet Father Christmas , who gives them gifts.

Lucy is given a vial with magical cordial that can heal almost any injury, and a small dagger with which to defend herself "at great need". Edmund, meanwhile, had tried to betray the Beavers and joined the White Witch; he had first met her and been seduced by promises of power after first entering the wardrobe when trying to follow Lucy on her second entry to Narnia. She and her companions arrive at Aslan's camp, and later that night, she and Susan comfort Aslan as he walks to his death — although they don't know of his fate at the time.

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Both girls also witness his sacrifice. While their brothers are going to war, Lucy and her sister see Aslan come back to life and help him wake the creatures in the White Witch's castle, which the White Witch had turned to stone. They meet with their brothers at the end of the battle. At Cair Paravel , she is crowned as Her Majesty Queen Lucy by Aslan to the throne as co-ruler of Narnia, this marking the fulfilling of the ancient prophecy and the end of the White Witch's reign. During her reign, the people name her Queen Lucy the Valiant.

She and her siblings make a Golden Age in Narnia.

The Great White Buffalo Prophecy | The House of Yahweh

Late in the Golden Age, while hunting the white stag through Lantern Waste, she notices the lantern where she met Mr. She stops her siblings and they look and wonder what it is. Lucy, in a dreamy voice, says Spare Oom, Mr. Tumnus's phrase for the land from which they came 15 years earlier, and the children run through the wardrobe into England, where no time has passed and they are children again. The events in The Horse and His Boy take place after the siblings are crowned, and before they return to England, in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , and Queen Lucy is a young woman who rides to the aid of Archenland.

She is described by Prince Corin as being more like a tomboy, unlike her sister, Queen Susan, who is a "proper lady". Lucy who is now 9 travels to Narnia again with her three siblings in Prince Caspian. Beaver tells her, quite sternly, that he is not a man but a lion—the king of beasts. When the children express trepidation about meeting a lion, Mr. Beaver tells them that they are supposed to be nervous, as no one with any sense would feel completely fearless when meeting Aslan. Despite this, Mr.

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Beaver says that Aslan is good. Aslan is a lion— the Lion, the great Lion. The children are to meet Aslan the next day at a place called the Stone Table. They need to fulfill a prophecy—when the four thrones at Cair Paravel are occupied by four "Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve," it will end bad times in Narnia.

He tells them that the Queen has twisted this prophecy into a justification for her reign. She says that she is human and the rightful heir to the throne. She is not really human, however, but half giant and half Jinn. She is descended on one side from Lilith, an apocryphal and mythological figure who was said to be the original wife of Adam. Suddenly they all notice that Edmund is missing.

The children are distraught and want to form a search party, but Mr. Beaver tells them that this is unnecessary. He joined the White Witch, explains Mr. Beaver, as there was a look in his eye that branded him a traitor. No one remembers how much Edmund heard of the plan to meet Aslan. This is crucial, because the less Edmund tells the Witch the better.

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  • The children cannot afford to wait at the Beaver's home. They immediately begin their journey to the Stone Table on routes the Witch would not expect them to take. They hope that the Witch will not catch them before they can reach Aslan. In this chapter, we read a full description of Aslan. It is obvious that Aslan is the god of Narnia. His immortality, awesome power and supreme benevolence is implied tacitly in the Beavers' references to him.

    Couched in these terms, it is easy to see Aslan as a divine power. However, Lewis deliberately avoids using these terms. Lewis simply describes Aslan as a great, good king. The resulting effect is similar to the traditional feeling that a deity is inaccessible, remote and lofty. These are ways a child may feel about praying to a God that he or she is acquainted with solely through church.