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Check out the five different ways to make your hot chocolate recipe here. Fish is rich in protein, which is an important component of breast milk, so consuming plenty of protein-rich foods such as this fish pie can help maximise your milk supply. Who doesn't love Mary Berry? This fish pie from her cookbook is packed with protein and is just as comforting as it sounds.

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Ready in 50 minutes, this recipe serves six, so you'll have enough for tomorrow's lunch too. As well as being ultra-comforting, this pear and raspberry crumble is rich in vitamin C to help with the absorption of iron, which you and your baby needs to prevent anaemia. Add a good dollop of custard for a calcium hit, too.

From the genius' behind those baby pouches you'll soon know and love, this recipe from Ella's Kitchen will be a hit with all the family. Made from pears, sugar and raspberries, this is a quick dessert that can be put together in no time. Read the full Pear and Raspberry Crumble Recipe here. Rich in vitamin B6, spinach pancakes are great for boosting your energy while breastfeeding. Have a bag of frozen spinach to hand for a great last-minute brunch, you'll be able to knock this up in half an hour.

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Great for those Gluten Free mummies, these pancakes from Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond are the perfect pick-me-up after those sleepless nights with a newborn. Use any kind of mushroom and pick your favourite cheese for the filling - feta works just as well as cheddar. Read the full Spinach Mushroom Crepes recipe here. Ready in five minutes who needs Starbucks? Whilst we're on the subject, we've rounded up a few of our favourite alcohol and caffine free drinks suitable for breastfeeding. Take a look at the full Hibiscus Flower Water recipe here.

Drink up! Boost your iron intake with this flavourful steak teriyaki dish. It will ensure your energy levels stay constant. From the Itsu Cookbook, you might have missed sushi throughout your pregnancy, but now you can start adding your favourite cuisine back into your diet. The steak teriyaki salad is served in lettuce cups no need for knives and forks! In this recipe, you make your own teriyaki sauce, but if you're in a rush, shop bought will also do the job. A great choice for veggie mums and mums-to-be , simply cook the lentils, fry the veg and stuff into halved peppers before baking for minutes.

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Add this one to your cookbook for a quick week night meal. Read the full Lentil Stuffed Peppers recipe here. The cheese in this cauliflower cheese dish is a source of dairy, so it will boost your calcium and vitamin D intake, needed for strong bones and teeth. Plus — ultimate comfort! Fans of Leon will love this recipe - also a great one to bookmark if you are vegetarian or gluten free. A good one if you're looking for a quick dinner, it's ready in 40 minutes. Read the full Cauliflower Cheese recipe here.

Not all tomato sauce is bad. Making this version with turkey meatballs boosts your vitamin C intake, which will ensure your immune system stays strong, plus iron is absorbed from the turkey. The baked beans in the dish help the meat go further, and making 20 meatballs, this should be enough for tonight and tomorrow's lunch. Have a read of the full Turkey Meatball recipe by Jack Monroe here.

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It's important to listen to your baby when you're breastfeeding - they'll be some tastes she loves a lot of babies will feed for longer when they taste garlic for example! That said, according to the NHS , the following foods should be avoided whilst you're breastfeeding. Read next:. The benefits of breastfeeding for both mum and baby. Choosing to breastfeed is a very personal decision.

There is lots of information about the benefits and it is also pretty convenient given it is always readily available and always the right temperature, however some clever scientists and lactation experts have revealed some other remarkable facts about the wonder of your breastmilk. You can't hold your baby all the time. Even though you may want to. Vegetarian food.

Follow this easy recipe to find out how to make a yummy vegan curry for tonight's dinner What I eat in a day as a vegetarian!

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    20 healthy meal ideas for mums who are breastfeeding

    Once you make your own ravioli from scratch, you'll never look at the frozen stuff the same way. Tacos are the gateway to margaritas and Mom loves margs. Give Mom what she really wants — bacon , and plenty of it! The perfect balance of lemon zest and thyme make this simple roast chicken recipe subtle but savory.

    get link Throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, so you can spend the rest of the day hanging with Mom. With bursts of bright, spring veggies in every bite, this pretty tart works for both brunch and dinner. These flavorful patties are cooked on a skillet instead of the grill, making 'em the perfect solution to a rained-out BBQ. Give store-bought ravioli a gourmet update with just a handful of ingredients — shallots, butter, spinach, and pistachios.

    Roasted poblanos add a hit of heat to this shrimp and avocado salad.

    If your mother isn't a fan of spice, ditch the chili powder to tame the flame. If you're really looking to impress Grandma, give this recipe a try. It has you sous vide the steak, a cooking method that ensures the meat cooks perfectly evenly. Create a creamy, fiery sauce to take your tacos to the next level.

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    Mom may start inviting herself over every Tuesday from now on. Our springy version of the Italian standby swaps in quinoa for rice, so everyone gets an extra boost of protein while still enjoying the flavors they love. Wrap chicken breasts with thin slices of pancetta to give the weeknight staple an easy, elegant twist. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Meal Prep Like a Pro.

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    Charred Shrimp, Leek, and Asparagus Skewers. Sweet Pea Risotto. Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly.