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William Augustus Muhlenberg - April 8. Dietrich Bonhoeffer - April 9. William Law - April George Augustus Selwyn - April Alphege - April Anselm - April Saint Mark the Evangelist - April Catherine of Siena - April Athanasius - May 2. Monnica - May 4.

Martyrs and Holymen

Dame Julian of Norwich - May 8. Gregory of Nazianzus - May 9. Dunstan - May Alcuin - May Jackson Kemper - May Bede the Venerable - May Augustine of Canterbury - May Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - May The First Book of Common Prayer. Justin - June 1.

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The Martyrs of Uganda - June 3. Boniface - June 5. Columba - June 9. Ephrem of Edessa - June Saint Barnabas the Apostle - June Enmegahbowh - June Basil the Great - June Evelyn Underhill - June Bernard Mizeki - June Alban - June Irenaeus - June Independence Day - July 4. Benedict of Nursia - July William White - July Macrina - July Saint Mary Magdalene - July Thomas a Kempis - July Saint James the Apostle - July Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary - July William Reed Huntington - July Mary, Martha, and Lazarus of Bethany - July Ignatius - July Joseph of Arimathaea - August 1.

The Transfiguration of Our Lord - August 6. John Mason Neale - August 7. Dominic - August 8. Laurence - August Clare - August Florence Nightingale - August Jeremy Taylor - August Jonathan Myrick Daniels - August Saint Mary the Virgin - August William Porcher DuBose - August Bernard - August Saint Bartholomew the Apostle - August Louis - August Augustine - August Aidan and Cuthbert - August David Pendleton Oakerhater - September 1.

The Martyrs of New Guinea - September 2. Paul Jones - September 4. Constance, Nun, and her Companions - September 9. Alexander Crummell - September Harry Thacker Burleigh - September John Henry Hobart - September John Chrysostom - September Holy Cross Day - September Cyprian - September Ninian - September Hildegard - September Edward Bouverie Pusey - September Theodore of Tarsus - September John Coleridge Patteson and his Companions - September Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist - September Philander Chase - September Sergius - September Lancelot Andrewes - September Saint Michael and All Angels - September Jerome - September Remigius - October 1.

Francis of Assisi - October 4. William Tyndale [and Miles Coverdale] - October 6. Vida Dutton Scudder - October Philip - October Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky - October Teresa of Avila - October Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley - October Ignatius - October Saint Luke the Evangelist - October Henry Martyn - October Saint James of Jerusalem - October Alfred the Great - October James Hannington and his Companions - October All Saints - November 1.

All Faithful Departed - November 2. Richard Hooker - November 3. William Temple - November 6. Willibrord - November 7. Leo the Great - November Martin - November Charles Simeon - November Samuel Seabury - November Margaret - November Hugh, and Robert Grosseteste - November Hilda - November Elizabeth - November Edmund - November Clive Staples Lewis - November Clement - November Thanksgiving Day.

James Otis Sargent Huntington - November Kamehameha and Emma - November Common of a Martyr I.

Sancti et Sanctae Dei

Common of a Martyr II. Common of a Martyr III. Common of a Missionary I. Common of a Missionary II. Common of a Pastor I. Common of a Pastor II.

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Common of a Theologian and Teacher I. Common of a Theologian and Teacher II. Common of a Monastic I. Common of a Monastic II. Common of a Saint I.

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Common of a Saint II. January February March April. May June July August. September October November December. Goode, Lieutenant Clark V. Poling and Lieutenant John P. Subscribe to Forward Day By Day. Search Loading. Share this page. Follow us. Harriet Bedell, Deaconess and Missionary, The Confession of Saint Peter the Apostle. Vincent, Deacon of Saragossa, and Martyr, Phillips Brooks, Bishop of Massachusetts, The Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle. Lydia, Dorcas, and Phoebe, Witnesses to the Faith. Washington, Charles Todd Quintard, Bishop of Tennessee, Janani Luwum, Archbishop of Uganda, and Martyr, John Henry Newman, Bishop and Theologian, Emily Malbone Morgan, Prophetic Witness, Paul Cuffee, Witness to the Faith among the Shinnecock, William W.

Perpetua and her Companions, Martyrs at Carthage, Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy, Priest, Patrick, Bishop and Missionary of Ireland, Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury and Martyr, Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop and Missionary of Armenia, c. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Blessed Feasts Of Blessed Martyrs

Daniel G. Wu, Priest and Missionary among Chinese Americans, Tikhon, Patriarch of Russia, Confessor and Ecumenist, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Theologian and Martyr, Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Martyr, George, Soldier and Martyr, c. Saint Philip and Saint James, Apostles. Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishop of Constantinople, Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, Prophetic Witness, John Eliot, Missionary among the Algonquin, Nicolaus Copernicus, , and Johannes Kepler, , Astronomers.

Bede, the Venerable, Priest, and Monk of Jarrow, Augustine, First Archbishop of Canterbury, Bertha and Ethelbert, Queen and King of Kent, The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Blandina and Her Companions, the Martyrs of Lyons, Ini Kopuria, Founder of the Melanesian Brotherhood,