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Patti Cake Ch. Silk House Pt. Better as Riley Ch. Magic Dress - Emily Pt. Dressing for Grandma A young male's secret is discovered by his grandmother. The Neighbours Situation Ch. Mommy's Panty Party She has devious plans for her twin boys. Husband's Transformation Ch. A New Cheerleader Pt.

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No Going Back! Duvet day desire leads to first time dress-up.

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Sister's Pet Abby takes advantage of brother's crush and makes him serve. Yesterday Afternoon A Compromising Situation. Project Alice Boy trained into a girl to reduce crime. The Auction Pt. Andi's Story Pt. A Halloween to Remember Ch. Venus Industries - Case File The software she's testing is having some side effects. Popping His Cherry She finally makes him her woman. X-Change: Homecoming Pt.

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Master Controller Act Recreation Mark gets justice for those who wronged him in high school. The Long Path to Feminization Now everything's changed: and you couldn't be happier, sissy. Life Anew A pair of panties gives him a start. Sissy Maid to Be Working Out Issues Ch. Sophie has a penchant for humiliating her stepfather, and her proud mother, Hamilton's wife Kristine, sees no harm in allowing her to indulge these tastes with her husband.

Hamilton needs a woman's control, and craves the shame he feels in having his manhood stripped from him. Like many stories by Domina Dixon, the humiliation is wonderfully written. All in all, this collection is a terrific bargain, and it's especially nice as a jumping off point for someone who would like to sample the writings of these three authors. Buy it, and I suspect you'll be going back for more of their work. I give it my highest recommendation.

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Sep 14, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: femdom. OK, this one was hard for me to assign a rating to. The writing is very well done so no complaints there. Wow, the story-line gets 5 stars from me. I loved the way the men were collared at the school with a shocking device to keep them in "training mode. So why 3 stars? The short story format didn't allow me to really feel what the characters were going through so I wasn't able to get my sexy on. For me it was good, not great.

Those who really enjoy femdom stories should put this one on your read list because the writing is very good and you may feel the heat. Sep 19, Anne Mouse rated it really liked it. Three short stories of men who attend the Ravenwood School For Sissies that are related to a journalist interested in the school. The first "Always read the fine print" is my favourite as, in the mistaken belief that it was a place where rich men could live out their fantasies, his mistake is only discovered a long way down the road where there really isn't much going back.

In "The heir ess " he is tricked into attending as his stepmother and stepsister try to get their hands on his inheritance. C Three short stories of men who attend the Ravenwood School For Sissies that are related to a journalist interested in the school.

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  7. Can he manage to stay enough of himself to defeat them? In "Femdon marriage" a husband wants to submit but his ego often gets in the way. A trip to the school works to some degree. Three stories that use the same premise, but are still very different. Apr 19, Angela Wallace rated it liked it Shelves: taboo-twister-march-april , humiliation , femdom-f-m-f-f , march-april-taboo-twister-twosome , april-junebook-challenge. View 2 comments. Oct 26, Ann Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: femdom-fiction , tv-ts-fiction , forced-feminization.

    This is a fantastic book -- one of the best! This book includes three stories. It was wel This is a fantastic book -- one of the best! All in all, I highly recommend this book. There was just enough humiliation in each of these stories to make it erotic. Halfway through reading the second story, I needed a little "me time" as I ended up dripping wet.

    The stories are not that graphic. They are medium in BDSM fantasy. These authors spend a decent time showing the benefits of this school. There isn't anything too graphic, just enough detail to get the mind revving with arousal. If I were a teacher at this school, oh boy would it be a delight! I rated it a 4 star because it meets my criteria to re-read over and over again. It's been added to my spank bank. Recommended to those who enjoy sissification. Apr 19, Amber added it Shelves: forgettable , f-m-romance.

    I read this for a challenge. It isn't a genre that I'm comfortable with or remotely like so I won't rate it because obviously the rating would be biased. Three short stories with varying degrees of consent.

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    A couple of young sisters are in a small kabuki like ballet. One accidentally kills the other and has nightmares about the rest of her life, will those nightmares come true? I have no idea!

    This was just surreal, but I have to say, it worked for me. Four Flies on Grey Velvet - Argento, obviously influenced as always by Hitchcock, weaves a tale of mystery and murder. A musician feels he is being followed by someone, and when he confronts his stalker he accidentally kills him.

    Someone happens to photograph the killing but instead of turning him in, the photographer instead uses the incident to try and drive the musician crazy, as more people get involved, more people die until the big reveal at the end. Like Hitch, Argento throws in the element of humor amidst the mayhem and also surrounds the musician with some oddly colorful characters.

    This is a strong outing for Argento in my opinion. Five Dolls for an August Moon - Bava goes artsy mod on us and it fails. Anyway, a rich guy has some friends over to his island and hopes he will be able to buy a formula from a visiting chemistry professor. Seven - A classic in the serial killer subgenre. The young detective is hungry for some action; the old detective tries to warn him to be careful what he wishes for. And right off the bat they get assigned a killing that, according to the old detective, is obviously more than just a random happening or revenge killing.

    He knows it is just the beginning and warns anyone who will listen, but no one will. The bodies pile up and are all tied together by the Seven Deadly Sins. The detectives seem to get close but can never quite figure out who the killer is, other than, literally, John Doe. Needless to say it has a very powerful conclusion and is one of my favorites in its subgenre. It manages an almost Noir style, while maintaining a very modern gritty feel. Soon after that meeting he is put in an insane asylum with a very colorful group of characters.

    This is what might be called a 'dialogue driven' movie. If you want action and pea soup spewing you're going to be disappointed. This is a cerebral flick that attempts to explore the nature of good and evil. It succeeds for the most part I think with the right measure of seriousness and camp mixed in.

    It should have been 13 bells, or 13 chimes or something like that.