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Renault Zimbabwe Dealer Network. Renault Commercial Vehicles Kangoo Express. Four-Wheel Drive Freedom. Change scenery and explore new sensations. All Westfalia owners seem to name their vehicles. Though the couple recently moved to a new luxury condominium in the heart of Vancouver, N suggests home has four wheels.

4-Wheel Alignment Service

Steininger is of the same mind. Indeed, when compared to a modern RV's furnishings , the Westfalia's simple sink, stove, fridge and folding bed are all rather rudimentary. That unassuming quality, however, is an advantage for stealth camping. A weary traveller, caught short between campsites, can simply find a quiet side street, pull the rear curtains and bed down for the night.

As far as on-the-road reliability, the communal spirit surrounding Westfalias means that a van will always stop to help a stricken comrade. Once, Steininger's '84 broke down in Mexico, and parts were found in a defunct van being used as a children's playhouse in a backyard — the sort of karmic goodwill that seems to follow these vans wherever they go.

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However, even with a conscientious and passionate owners' group, the number of Westfalias is fixed, and the demand exceeds supply. Even well-used Westfalias command higher-than-expected prices, and there are expensive aftermarket conversions to replace the lowly subhp 1. What a buyer gets is something that cannot be replicated, plus access to a club that is not exclusive so much as wildly inclusive. Owner groups such as Wet Westies and Club Kombi arrange get-togethers both well-orchestrated and spontaneous, and even non-VW owners are welcome.

These meets draw free spirits who wander the land aimlessly, and those who use their Westfalias as the family escape pod. Every van is different, and each has its own story, as do their owners. There are workhorses and showpieces, shiny-sided Eurovans and knobbly-tired all-wheel-drive Syncros.

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Description Ever wonder whether there's a hero within you? As a young boy, the author reveled in the fantastic tales he heard of his grandparents exploits resisting the Nazis.

One thing always bothered him, though. How was it that these two seemingly mild-mannered people were able to do the things they did?