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Fi held on to that belief the entire way back to her house even though her breasts continued to ache and her pussy throbbed and flared, each step an agony of sensation. Pushing open the door, she stepped into the large kitchen shed remodeled into a bakers dream. Her dream. Since opening her bakery in town two years earlier, shed longed for a place she could test new recipes without bumping her elbows into everything. The one silver lining of her divorce was this kitchen. Professional, stainless steel appliances, durable granite, a huge double sink, and almost more storage than she had in town.

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Today, though, she didnt feel the same satisfaction. Now her body pulsed and shuddered in places she hadnt felt in what seemed like forever. Certainly her exhusband had never made her tits this tender or her pussy this needy. She bit her lip. Damn, Im hot. Water, get some water. Fi stumbled across the kitchen, filled a glass with cold water, and gulped it down. It did nothing to ease her fire. With effort, she made her way into her bedroom, stripping as she went.

Once in the blessed coolness of her room, she dropped onto the bed and sucked in a deep breath. Her shoulder twitched and she closed her eyes, one hand drifting to lie across her breasts. The mere touch sent a shudder of anticipation through her, and her hips writhed.

What is wrong with me? Her fingers drifted downward.

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She rarely masturbated, but tonight something pulled at her. She spread. It throbbed in response and she rubbed a light circle. Her pussy clenched, needy and empty. Fi slid one long digit, then another into her slick hole. She bent her fingers, tugging upward, thumb finding and rotating her clit. The fire flared higher, powering through her without warning, and she was tempted to insert a third finger. Something shed never done, never contemplated.

It was as though she were completely out of control of her body and her desires. The urge to come overpowered any rational thought. She whimpered and plunged her fingers harder in and out. Her other hand slipped down and took over at her clit, rubbing with ruthless pressure. Almost, almost, almost. Oh, God, she whispered as an orgasm approached. Fi tightened her ass and lifted her pussy into her palms, pushing down, drawing out the shuddering feeling.

As soon as it finished, she dropped back to the bed and sighed as the heat ebbed, too. She remained there, sprawled and panting, for a long moment. Finally, she rose and headed for the shower. Just as she turned the spigot, another wave of lust hit her and she groaned, hanging onto the wall. She squeezed her thighs together, cranked up the pressure on the showerhead, and stepped into the tub. Her fingers trembled as she lifted the blasting head from its holder.

It was going to be a long night. Alec Donovan tried to read the report upside down, but she kept rustling and turning pages. Patience, dear boy, youll find out soon enough. He hated it when she said shit like that. Sure, she was a good three hundred years older than either he or Kade, but she made them sound like young pups.

You are a young pup, she murmured, handing him a glossy photo. But youre coming along nicely. Stay out of my head, he muttered. Whats her story?

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The woman in the picture was beautiful. Her green eyes winked merrily and a wide, happy smile tipped up her full mouth. She had a long, lean face with high cheekbones and dark brows. Glossy hair in shades of red-shot ebony spilled around her shoulders. She is going crazy, Clarissa said. The door to the Council room opened and he turned, relieved to see Kade Maclintock stroll in. Finally, he said to him, shoving the picture at his partner. I was tied up, Kade murmured.

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  5. Alec snorted, knowing it was more likely hed had some luscious little thing tied up instead. He returned his attention to Clarissa. Shes been cursed by the Goddess.

    Kade asked. Each month, she turns into a raving, sex-driven maniac. For twelve hours, she must have sexual relations, but there is little relief for her to be found. Each orgasm only drives the next one faster. Ouch, what in the hell did she do?

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    Alec asked. Clarissa stared at him over the rim of her glasses. Shes the Goddess, does it really matter? Yes, Kade responded. Helps us ensure she doesnt do it again after we break the curse. Which, by the way, we do by? Clarissa folded her hands on the long wooden table and studied them both. Alec resisted the urge to squirm. She looked at the six people seated to her left and right down the length of the table then sighed. Fi has spent fifteen months battling her curse. Shes fragile. This assignment is quite delicate, and I want you to treat it with the utmost sincerity.

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    Dont we always? Alec murmured, flashing a grin. No, you dont.