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ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. Prices and offers may vary in store. In , Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard galvanized the world when in a speech before Parliament she branded Opposition leader Tony Abbott a "misogynist".

Australia PM Julia Gillard prompts 'misogyny' definition update

In response, Australian and US dictionaries updated the meaning of the word. Less than a year later, the "misogynist" was elected Australia's new Prime Minister.

Just how accurate is the label? Within a few days of his Sept.

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Australia now has fewer women in positions of political power than Afghanistan. And: the man who fought to prohibit abortion drugs, limit pregnancy counseling to Catholic moral centers and refused to endorse a sexual health campaign for women that led to decreases in cervical cancer made himself head of Women's Policies and Platforms in Australia.


Meticulously referenced with a cross-section of journalistic responses to the seminal Gillard speech, Australian Misogynist chronicles Tony Abbott's views, attitudes and behaviors towards women in the context of abortion rights, pregnancy counsel, and sexual health as they relate to Abbott's staunch Catholic morality. Of the members of the UN , only about 10 per cent have elected a female president or prime minister. Women hold just over 20 per cent of all parliamentary seats worldwide.

Video footage of a parliamentary retort by Gillard against opposition leader Tony Abbott became a viral sensation last year, reported around the world. Australia's Macquarie Dictionary has since updated its definition of the word "misogyny", broadening it to "entrenched prejudice against women".

Do Australians Have a Case of ‘Jacinda Envy’?

His sacking would have unbalanced Gillard's minority government. Cathy Jenkins, professor of media and politics at the Australian Catholic University, told Al Jazeera that many Australians shrugged it off. Gillard has compared her experience of sexual discrimination to the racism US President Barack Obama has encountered in office, arguing issues of gender are treated less seriously than those pertaining to race.

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Nutcrackers made in her image are still sold across the US. When a heckler shouted: "Iron my shirt" at Clinton during a rally, she responded that his comments demonstrated why she wanted to "crack the toughest glass ceiling of all". While her death prompted an outpouring of vitriol , feminist publisher Anne Summers described an online campaign to push the song Ding Dong the Witch is Dead to the top of Britain's music charts as "shocking". As she addressed reporters in Canberra before resigning from parliament on June 26, Gillard made it clear gender was a key factor in her demise.

During her leadership, Gillard was subjected to sexualised derision. A radio host asked her whether her partner, hairdesser Tim Matheson, was gay - while a menu for a Liberal Party fundraiser contained a reference to Gillard's supposedly "small breasts, big thighs and big red box".

Opposition leader Tony Abbott was labelled a misogynist when he was pictured in front of a sign calling Gillard a "bitch" at a protest rally against the unpopular carbon tax. Amanda Vanstone, a former Howard government minister, told Al Jazeera while "coarse and reprehensible language shouldn't be tolerated", the now infamous image was not evidence of sexism. I will say to a friend: 'Oh you stupid bitch, what are you doing? It might just be a normal, admittedly rougher, Australian language. Summers asserts Gillard was subject to "the whole repertoire" of abuse, because she was an unmarried atheist with no children.

In , Bill Heffernan, a conservative senator, called Gillard, then deputy-opposition leader, "deliberately barren" and questioned her leadership credentials because she chose not to have children. Summers has collated "vile and misogynist" online content explicitly mocking Gillard's body, content widely shared via email and on social media. It was the kind of sexualised imagery that would not happen to a male leader, according to Summers. Natasha Stott Despoja , a former senator from the now-largely defunct Australian Democrat Party, told Al Jazeera she was subjected to sexist commentary during her time in politics.

It genuinely drives me nuts when we debate 'can women have it all', because we don't even consider that phrase when we talk about men.

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Stott Despoja believes the "novelty factor" of her gender was enhanced because of her age, 26, when she entered parliament.